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Hiwire Inc [Posted : 03/07/2000   Hit :247]  
Hiwire is the foremost developer of advertising solutions for streaming media content providers. Through a proprietary audio and video ad insertion network, Hiwire opens up the world of netcasting to advertisers and broadcasters, offering them an online strategy that reaches consumers and generates revenue.

KB Gear, Inc. [Posted : 12/28/2000   Hit :97]  
KB Gear Interactive is one of the top developers of affordable Internet communications products and interactive gear for young computer trekkers. Our mission is to become the worldwide leader in building Interactive communities that create and communicate online using our products,

Lightningcast, Inc [Posted : 03/03/2000   Hit :154]  
Lightningcast is the worldwide leader in developing technology for commercial insertion in streaming media. Lightningcast is more than just ad insertion, however. Lightningcast's technology also allows commercials to be targeted and played simultaneously to each specific listener based on his or her personal interests, gender, age and other profile aspects. Plus, real-time auditing of those commercials is available!

Lightningcast, Inc. [Posted : 07/31/2000   Hit :91]  
Our services allow streaming media publishers to insert targeted, audited, advertising into existing content using unique, patent applied for, technology, with minimal impact on publisher or consumer. No other company provides these services in the marketplace today.

NetClerk, Inc. [Posted : 01/24/2001   Hit :84]  
NetClerk, Inc. was incorporated in January 1999. The company provides Web-based business services for the trillion-dollar contracting and building industries. NetClerk was born out of a fundamental belief that Internet technology can help contractors and building professionals improve efficiency and productivity while streamlining many of their daily processes.

Poindexter Sytems, Inc. [Posted : 04/16/2001   Hit :40]  
Introducing Poindexter 1.1, the industry's first technology platform to enable real-time individualization of all forms of online advertising. Imagine: a highly-relevant, individually generated ad for each viewer.

Skytron Corporation [Posted : 07/27/2001   Hit :39]  
The first national large screen television network in America’s malls, it presently reaches over 110 million viewers per year in 20 markets. Using proprietary Skytron display and intelligent audio technology the network delivers unique video magazine style programming tailored to the in-mall shopping audience on giant 28 square foot HDTV screens suspended in mall food courts.

Synergy [Posted : 05/08/2000   Hit :125]  
Synergy provides targeted Internet advertising and technology solutions. We buy internet advertising, create effective ad content and provide campaign management to maximize results.

TMX interactive, Inc. [Posted : 09/26/2000   Hit :114]  
TMXinteractive is a leading provider of TV-style rich media e-mail content design and delivery solutions. Our patent-pending technology allows marketers to stream dynamic multimedia advertisements directly into the body of an e-mail message, negating the need for cumbersome attachments. This allows allowing full-motion graphics, video and MP3 audio to be delivered - while adding only 5k to the original size of the e-mail message. Since our founding in 1999, our proprietary technology and award-winning creative services have been used by many leading companies.

TruExchange, Inc. [Posted : 02/27/2001   Hit :88]  
TruExchange boosts the liquidity of vertical hubs by offering the most efficient, accurate, and intuitive transaction software available. TruExchange specializes in two-way, bid/ask, continuously-clearing open market systems. Our proprietary technologies enable digital marketplaces across a broad spectrum of industries with the only existing real exchange solution.

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